What To Expect in a Session

We begin your session by discussing your health status and whatever other personal issues you may deem necessary to include.  If you are coming for a Mind-Body Medicine session, you will lie comfortably on the massage table fully clothed while receiving all the benefits from the Amethyst Crystal Biomat.  (The BioMat is a natural earthing device that produces negative ions and far infrared rays that promote deep relaxation and healing.) I will be positioned at your side.  

Juana Castanheira / Sonoma Energy Medicine

As your partner in healing, I facilitate the application of various modalities including BodyTalk and SourcePoint – with light touch, tapping and muscle testing.

Each session intuitively progresses specifically for your needs and state of wellbeing. Therefore, no two sessions are alike.  Your innate wisdom knows exactly how many changes it is capable of initiating and will therefore indicate when the session is complete.

Just one session can bring you relief and set you on the path to wellness.  With harmony and balance restored, you feel more vital, healthy and whole.

Micro current therapy in progress

If you are experiencing chronic pain and are coming to receive microcurrent therapy with the Avazzia ProSport device, I will need access to the part of your body that is experiencing pain.  If you have back pain, I will most likely ask you to remove your shirt/blouse and you will sit comfortably in a massage chair.  I generally ask clients to come in a sports attire to facilitate the work.  

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“My first session with Juana was awesome.  The next day I was extremely peaceful and just integrated the work.  The second day I had enthusiasm like I have not had for a long time, and energy to follow on it.  I resumed working on a project I had given up on.  I felt like my soul was healed and my physical body followed.  The third day I awoke with an extremely clear head.  I have had several sessions since then and I continue to be delighted with the work.  I am not so stressed, don’t seem to be worried, and feel more trust in my ability to be healed.  I feel like I have gotten myself back!

I have purchased more BodyTalk sessions with Juana for myself and as gifts for a friend and my family.  May we all be well!”

– Paula S. 

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