“I was so blown away by all the things that we did during the session, I went straight home and wrote them all down, as to not forget and also to see where I am at in my healing from there on out.  Regarding those implants that were taken out, I stopped wanting to smoke immediately – wow – that was incredible.  I can’t tell you how much I did not want to pick up a cigarette! Thank you for taking that implant from the AI out.  WOW! I feel different. 

You are so brilliant at what you do; we are so honored to continue to work with you.  We have so much respect for your help and what you do ~ thank you for giving of your time to us.”

Some weeks later, she added:

“To this day, I still feel amazing, wow…I have told K since the session, I feel like I am on vacation, which means totally relaxed on the inside ~ and totally, it is like I feel soo different in my body, I AM SO RELAXED ON THE INSIDE, like I am really enjoying my life again…the difference is subtle but…very very prominent ~ thank you again for the session.”

“Although I know Doctors still have there place in our society when it comes to some emergency situations.  However your practice is sooo profoundly ‘solid’ that in our emergency situation after our car accident, you were our first and only choice; and our instincts were confirmed when we saw you. Yes, on our car accident, we have no massive “injuries” but at the same time, K had internal injuries, that ONLY YOU could help with.”

We thought it through and knew if K went to a clinic, she would actually be worst off because doctors know two things,  how to cut into the anatomy and big pharma drugs, and neither of those choices were options. We KNEW coming to you, K would get the treatment she needed, without being cut into or given prescription drugs, and we were correct. Your Bodytalk skills are “off the hook.” 

“You are extremely talented, loving, and truthful.  You are our number one choice to visit as a health practitioner. Everyone makes that type of choice for themselves… and it is a big choice.  However, from every session that I and K (and recommended friends) participate in, I get INSTANTANEOUSLY that I made the right choice and my body, mind, and soul, is soooooo GRATEFUL for your skills and the gift you give to humanity. I love you, Juana and I love your practice and I love recommending people to you!” 


“The sessions I’ve had with Juana have all been transformative and very supportive. She holds incredible space and her intuitive nature guides the experience. I always feel very well cared for and met with understanding. I was new to BodyTalk and was pleased with the results it produced. It showed me that healing is always possible and sometimes we just need to make room to hear what our body is trying to communicate to us.
I would recommend Juana to anyone who is willing to truly heal and open to expand into their potential. Lastly, I appreciate they way she brings a professional approach to a very spiritual practice and encourages continued growth not only for our own lives, but also for the collective. Thank you again!!!”


“For the past month my sleep has been severely interrupted.  I had been getting up at least 3 times each night to urinate, making it very difficult to get any deep sleep.  Yesterday, I went in for a BodyTalk session with Juana.  Honestly I wasn’t expecting great change with my sleep pattern so I was so surprised with the results.  Since the session, I have been sleeping deeply like a champ without any interruptions whatsoever.  The energetic shifts that are possible with just one BodyTalk session are just amazing! Thank you Juana for the work you do!”  

Jules C.

“I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for years and had pretty much decided that I was never going to be rid of the pain.  It still seems like a miracle that I am pain free after only one Avazzia ProSport treatment.  I can’t thank you enough!!!”

Margaret P.

“I have had an introductory session and a follow up session with the Avazzia ProSport and my experience has been simply outstanding!  I have suffered from chronic back pain for several years.  Ms. Castanheira, with careful application of the Avazzia Pro Sport, has applied even pressure to several areas on my back, and I have experienced great relief.  For the first time in a long long time I am not in pain.  The Avazzia ProSport is a unique tool for relieving back pain due to muscle tension and sciatic pain as well.  Thank you so much.” 

Chris C.

I walked out of Juana’s office a believer:  after one treatment of [Avazzia] microcurrent, my shoulder worked again.  I had been told I needed surgery, but after the treatment, I don’t think I do.  After the session, not only was I pain free but my range of motion was back.  I had not been able to undo my bra strap without bringing the closure around to the front, and now I can bend my arm behind me without any pain.  As a professional athlete, having constant pain was not only reducing my ability to perform but it was interrupting my sleep.  I have not woken up one in the middle of night from pain since I have been to see Juana.  The treatment is pain free, hassle free, without down-time, and successful.  What more could you ask for?  I am so happy to have my range of motion back and be free from the constant pain I carried with me for over a year.  Thank you for everything! 

Giana R.

“I am grateful to have Juana as my BodyTalk practitioner. Her advanced studies of this fabulous modality of healing have led to a healthier sense of myself, both mentally and physically. I live with managing an autoimmune disease on a daily basis. BodyTalk helps to manage my symptoms. Juana’s care, concern and belief in a healthy self have helped tremendously. Treat your body, mind, self to a BodyTalk session You’ll see!”

Joan K.

“After a tough summer,  general malaise and little annoyances that seemed to be precursors to old age, I decided to fight back. After all, I am only 71. The decision to try something new, healing, without pills, led me to Juana. And I have not regretted this. After the first BodyTalk session, I slept better and worried less.  My normally burning or cold and lifeless toes have not acted up since which means I am less exhausted during the day. My right shoulder, hurt in a bad fall, has improved greatly and, very importantly, my breathing stopped being labored. I can run up a hill where before I had to stop several times to take breaths. Thank you, Juana.”

Beate S.

“Thank you again for the wonderful BodyTalk session. It is difficult to put into words really. I feel more present for sure.  My entire “self” feels different somehow – so much more heart-centered.  I have continued doing the Cortices technique.  I think what shows most is that I definitely feel less able to be knocked sideways by the worrying activities of my brain.”

Gail P.

“I won sessions of BodyTalk in a raffle.  I googled BodyTalk and listened to the founder, John Veltheim’s YouTube videos Part 1 through 8.  What he said resonated deeply with me!  I understand how emotions register in the physical body and create imbalances (most often called illnesses).  I had been referred to FOUR specialists and had great resistance to seeing any of them.  I have done natural and energy medicine for a LONG time.

My first session with Juana was awesome.  The next day I was extremely peaceful and just integrated the work.  The second day I had enthusiasm like I have not had for a long time, and energy to follow on it.  I resumed working on a project I had given up on.  I felt like my soul was healed and my physical body followed.  The third day I awoke with an extremely clear head.  I have had several sessions since then and I continue to be delighted with the work.  I am not so stressed, don’t seem to be worried, and feel more trust in my ability to be healed.  I feel like I have gotten myself back!

I have purchased more BodyTalk sessions with Juana for myself and as gifts for a friend and my family.  May we all be well!”

Paula S. 

Each session I have with Juana brings up themes that help me understand the currents of my life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have been able to make connections and find personal meaning as I reconnect to the Source of it all, bringing me a sense of re-belonging and expansion to my life. I feel peaceful and revived after each session. Juana is very attentive; her loving presence and curious mind facilitate me to more fully experience myself and enlighten my path.”

Achalan Gene B.

“For nearly 5 months, I had been suffering from a severe migraine that conventional medicine had no impact on. My doctors could find no reason for, or way to treat this migraine. It was not several headaches, but one that would not go away. I was continually given emergency medications and one that had severe side effects as well as rounds of steroids. The impact of these drugs were far from beneficial with side-affects being as severe, if not worse than, the migraine itself.

Within the first 2 sessions of seeing Juana, my pain began to lessen. By the fifth visit, it was nearly gone and was gone by the sixth visit. Each visit was non-invasive and allowed for a quiet space to relax and allow for healing to occur. Being able to relay back any images, I saw during treatment, allowed for even greater depth of healing. Had I not had the good fortune to work with Juana, I am quite sure that I would have become addicted to pain medications, with life becoming nothing more than a quest to escape the disabling pain of that migraine.

If you value your health and find that Western Medicine no longer works, I highly recommend Juana as a healer. The benefit is far-reaching and beyond worthwhile!”

Barbara B.