Team Energetic Healing

Team Spirit

Energetic Healing for Groups:  Businesses, Associations, Sports Teams

Any time people come together for a specific purpose, goal or cause, a group matrix is formed.  These groups can either be temporary or more permanent.  A temporary matrix would be all the participants in an airline flight like the pilots and crew, passengers and even the luggage.  Once the flight reached its destination and the people deplane, the group matrix would dissolve.

Some groups are constructive, meaning they work together for a positive outcome.  Other groups have destructive agendas such as cults or gangs. 

Business, team, group conflict energetic healing
Organizational Harmony

An example of this healing work would look like this: 
Mary has just recently quit her job and started working at a new company.  Energetically, Mary could still be entangled with her old job, making it challenging to fully integrate into her new position and its responsibilities.  A simple severing of the ties with the old job could manifest as increased energy and creativity to invest in her new position as well as more visibility and connection to her new colleagues.

Love is in the Air!

Another example of how this work can be so impactful:  Claire is a competitive equestrian.  She has just purchased a new horse and is excited to start training for the new season competing with her new mare, Juniper.  Unfortunately, she does not seem able to develop a harmonious connection  with her mare and is frustrated.  A matrix session could release any friction between her and Juniper and create the possibility for a wonderful bond between them.  

I personally have benefited greatly from this aspect of the BodyTalk body of work, helping me finally break free from a large association I was involved with for years as well as energetic work on my neighborhood.  After the session on my neighborhood was completed, a neighbor I had that constantly smoked right outside my kitchen window stopped.

Sometimes before Family or Group Matrix work can begin, the individual may need to have some basic individual energetic work in place.  Depending on the complexity of the work, the entire session could be devoted to matrix energetic work, with follow-up sessions to complete the work spaced out in three months.

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