Family Energetic Healing

Family Disharmony

Are you experiencing family discord or disharmony?  Would you like to enjoy more connection with your relationships?

Families, as complex groups, are interdependent combinations of energetic relationships that can either be healthy and nurturing or fragmented and disruptive.  During an Energetic Healing Session for Families, the perspective of the client’s relationship to the family is what is being healed.  We can focus on issues within the family of origin, the current nuclear family or even the ancestral family.

As our society has evolved and we have become more mobile, the family structure no longer resembles the traditional structures of our grandparents.  Young adults now move away for college and then settle down far from their parents.  Families move away because of work opportunities.  It is now common for parents to separate or divorce which creates much fragmentation and disharmony in the energetic structure of the family.  These changes can cause physical or emotional imbalances and even epigenetic factors that can then be inherited by succeeding generations.  Single parent families benefit from an energetic healing session to shift the energies so that the family unit can experience balance between masculine and feminine matrix energies.  Companion animals and sometimes plants are included in the session as they hold significant roles in the family dynamics.

Family Harmony

Sometimes all it takes is one Energetic Healing session to restore the healthy, nurturing, spiritual and protective structure for all persons involved.  Many different family structures can be addressed such as single parent families, families with adopted children, same sex families and blended families.

Considering the quantum perspective, the positive shift in one person within a group affects the entire family.  Working at this level requires the client to have done some personal energetic preparatory work.

Another name for this approach is Family/Group Matrix Work or Family Constellation Work.

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