BodyTalk energy therapy - Santa Rosa, CA


This customized integration of healing modalities effectively clears imbalances, intrusions and traumas at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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Family conflict resolution - Santa Rosa, CA


Are you experiencing family discord or disharmony? Restore the healthy, nurturing, spiritual and protective familial structure with a one-on-one session.

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Teams, groups, business and corporate groups conflict resolution


This work resolves unhealthy energy dynamics in business associations, sports teams, creative projects, etc. One-on-one sessions can help untangle group issues.

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Permanent pain relief - microcurrent therapy - Santa Rosa, CA

End Pain Now!

Microcurrent Therapy is an effective non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solution for acute and chronic pain. For sports injuries, arthritis, migraines... you name it!

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Juana Castanheira - Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Santa Rosa

Creating a healthy body and spirit is an ongoing process. I have learned that each healing crisis presents an opportunity for change and transformation. I have taken charge of my healing, and you can too. Now is the perfect moment to make a difference by taking your healing—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—into your own hands. And, I can help.

It really is possible to change years of dysfunction when we step into this moment, accept ourselves, and tune in to our bodymind. After years of introspection, healing, education and practice, I know that change is possible. Read more about Juana.

I am now a member of the independent tribal health organization Turtle Island Provider Network! This allows all types of therapy to be available without restrictions. This means all treatment costs are tax exempt and tax deductible, and all records are confidential (not shared with insurance plans or government agencies).

Additionally, microcurrent therapy is covered by most insurance companies and qualifies as an eligible expense for HSAs.  More info here!

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“Each session I have with Juana brings up themes that help me understand the currents of my life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have been able to make connections and find personal meaning as I reconnect to the Source of it all, bringing me a sense of re-belonging and expansion to my life. I feel peaceful and revived after each session. Juana is very attentive; her loving presence and curious mind facilitate me to more fully experience myself and enlighten my path.” - Achalan Gene B.

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